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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wish I could say we were left alone for Passover

Today we prepared for our evening Pesach Seder/Meal- We knew we could only do so much but we so much wanted to honor Abba Father in this feast, not ever forgetting what he did for the children of Israel and for us by giving his sons life so we could be saved. I cooked a lamb almost all day long, a turkey leg, Rice and sweet peas. We also made gravy using instant potatoe flakes to thicken up the gravy from the lamb. After it was thickened I put in cooked potatoes and carrots and let it cook on low in the oven. I did a test taste later and boy was it good!!!

SS Check was not in the mailbox today. I sent a text message to my mom letting her know that no-one hardly knew Chris was getting a SS check but I bet someone couldn't wait to get the word out and now the check had gone missing. I said, after Wendell McDonald said my house had been burned, this was just another Federal Offense! I said, I just thought you might want to know what kind of kids yall raised.

It wasn't long and I got a telephone call from Chrissy. (my younger sister) asking me about the text message and telling me my mom was upset. She said my mom was saying I was accusing them of stealing the SS check. I explained that I was just letting them know what kind of kids they raised and after all these years of the check never being late, and the kids getting theirs on time, direct deposit that this could be no coincidence. She asked me why I took her name off of facebook and I told her I took everyones names off of there, including HER friends. I explained it was cause I did not want to hear anything more from the family and that everything that had already happened was enough mess for me. I tried to explain to her why but then she said, “I just want to let you know, I would never have told my children not to talk to you”. I said, well... I didn't tell my children this, but they chose NOT to talk to anyone in the family either cause they are tired of hearing it. With that, she said, Well..... You and Taylor can kiss my Ass! I was still trying to explain about Taylors feelings on all of this before I realized what she had just said. I said, My kids know what they see and hear, I don't have to tell them anything.... they can make their own decisions. She again was saying, Kiss my Ass! I thought this was funny really..... A so called Christian telling me I could kiss their Ass? Hhmmm....... so I said, Wow.... what a christian while she still went on but then I just hung up on her before I decided to get mad and say something I really didn't want to say. I had tried to explain to her why we cut ourselves off and that she was right in the middle of it all..... wanting to call my brother and ask him he took Chris' SS check, I was telling her to leave it all alone and let the law handle it. I guess that's what made her mad.... but to be honest... it was the truth... she was up in my business just because my mom called her. My mom must think I am gonna run from her or something.... Anyway, ….. maybe now they will leave us alone!! I sure hoped so.......

Went to put an envelope in my car this evening and discovered that someone had broke into my car somehow and had put my phone bill and the SS check on the dash of my car. We didn't bother to call and tell my parents as we know whoever has done this will eventually get told on. Someone will slip up one day and tell it. We will fix next months check to go direct deposit too into another account and not postal mail so we never have to worry about that one again.

Approximately 11:15 we decided to go get showers at the camp ground. Douglas had already went home to get a shower and had come back over to spend the night. I asked him if he minded staying at the house while we went to take showers so the dogs and house would not be here without someone to watch. He said he didn't mind. We arrived back at the house approximately 11:50. Taylor and Austin both were standing at the sliding glass doors knocking to get in as the door was locked. Looking through the glass doors, Douglas was NOT in the living room. This was strange cause this is the only room we hang out in cause we have the back of the house blocked off, with the exception of now cleaning the kitchen some. I told them to stand there and we walked through the back door with no problem cause Douglas didn't have the back door locked. We let the kids in but we couldn't find Douglas anywhere! Taylor and Austin went back outside and after a minute or so I heard Taylor shouting, “Douglas is on the ground”. I could hear her asking him if he could hear her. I finally got there to where he was, laying on the ground and holding his head. I tried to talk to him but he kept holding his head. I felt the back of his neck and he was warm feeling and clammy. I kept asking if someone had hurt him. Then we seen the brick next to him. When he was able to talk he said he had not known anything until Taylor woke him up. I had called 911 and asked for a Deputy as well as an ambulance cause I didn't want Douglas moved. They said they would dispatch one.
In the meantime, Taylor called Douglas' parents. They got there before the ambulance and Deputy and his dad was really mad, wanting me to call my dad and tell him to get here and tell Richie to get out there. I told him I was not speaking to my parents nor any of my family for that matter so lets let the deputy handle it. Finally the ambulance arrived along with the deputy. The first responders medics asked him a bunch of questions and had him get up if he could on his own. He was able to do this but a little shaky on his feet. They asked me if he had been complaining about throwing up and I said no. He asked if he had complained about anything and I said, Yes, his neck. With that said, they got a stretcher and put him on it. The parents and the grandparents were there. His mom was gonna ride in the ambulance with Douglas and Douglas' dad said Taylor could ride with him to the hospital. In the meantime the deputy was doing some finger printing. The results were not good cause the dew had settled on the brick already so they couldn't get any prints off of it.

Everyone left and after they did, I went in and looked at the video to see what I could see. I have the video of what looks like Douglas coming out of the house. I also see in the video something that looks like a person with a flashlight wearing white. I'm not sure yet who or what this is, I am hoping that SLED will take a look at it and see what they thing. I will do this on Monday.

WOW..... another Pesach Seder /Feast...... another Eventful year! Gosh, HaSatan sure must hate Passover, LOL.

How about this.... We had it with NO running water.... but was able to go get jugs and jugs of water filled. It turned out GREAT and the meal was really good. YHWH does provide for his people!

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