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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Trespassing Signs?

Well... it's a new day..... and gathering from yesterday you would think at least a few hours break for us would come. I was up all night long watching over my family, until around 6am this morning. Around 11pm the dogs went to barking and carrying on. We looked out and my brother was walking across the back yard. Chris sat outside and watched him for a little bit. He tried staring my husband down, but Chris says he stared right back. Wasn't long and he left his house. Chris would hear a pounding noise in the distance so he drove the van past the mailboxes on the dirt road and he said he looked at the “No Trespassing” signs and my brother had added “Property Owner, Richie Bennett”. What a joke! He doesn't own all the property down here. I told my husband, “learn the enemies tactics”. What my brother is doing is trying to show authority and really has none. He has to give access to us and our company. He threatened me last week with, “I will see to it you don't do business back here”. So it's so funny.... Chris just did an 18wheeler this morning...... and 2 days ago he had two motorcycles to do. Oh another comment to my husband from him was, “Why don't you get a real job”? Oh gosh, I do laugh when I see the enemy trying his hardest. It does seem the more he reacts this way, the more money comes our way, so come on hasatan.... we know it's you.... and we KNOW who wins too in the end!

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