Sonja, Austin, Taylor and Chris Noskowiak and Cayce Crews

Thursday, November 1, 2012

3rd Day House Hunting

Woke up ready to look at houses today. I found a few to look at on Craigslist so we called about this one which was a cabin on top of a mountain. It was only 2 BR 1 BA but decided to go look. I've always loved log cabins. We called and guy told us to come on up. And... boy did we go up! Up this steep hill and once up, took a right and went up some more. Chris was really freaking out! He didn't like this at all... I thought it was quite funny and asked if he thought I should drive next time. We stopped at the cabin we thought was the place and a man shouted and told us to park in the drive where he was. He was working on the cabin. His wife had told me this already in an email, so I wasn't surprised. It was  beautiful log cabin. Nice front porch. First thing I noticed was the washing machine hook up in the kitchen. It used to be an overnight rental. I hated that part! No laundry room at all? And in the kitchen? I didn't say anything though, just listened to the guy talk. He wanted 750.00 a month. First and last months rent and 100.00 deposit for the pets. Wasn't a bad price I guess, but the rooms were small... no closet space at all. The only thing it had going for it as far as being a very useful place was the back porch where I could throw clay, but it was not enclosed :(  It was funny listening to this guy. He told us to look around at other places but we'd be back! We filled out the application and we met his wife. She said it would be Sunday before she could run our credit as they didn't have internet up there. That was another thing I wondered about.. I can't do without internet. So we talked a while to them... met the neighbor guy too.. he was really nice too. Found out he moved there and wasn't even in his cabin yet but had already paid and reserved the cabin. This man had bought a few cabins and was fixing them all up.

Well... we weren't crazy about that ride back down the driveway... all of us felt like this wasn't the house for us.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Secoond Day House Hunting

As excited as I was, I was just too tired to get up and go too fast. Somewhere around 2:00 we got out the condo and decided to go look at this house I had been talking to a guy about. It was a one story rancher about 1000sq ft. It had 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. It had 15 acres and a nearby stream, close to the lake and an advertised fenced in ring for animals. It also had a basement.

When we arrived, Austin and I were totally disappointed. The house looked so much smaller than it did in the picture. We called the guy since he worked nearby and want us to call when we got there. By then, Austin and I had checked out the fenced in place in the back yard. The grass was not cut at all and was very unimpressive to me. He got there and showed us around the house and the first thing I noticed was the stove was missing. We'd have to buy a stove. When asked who lived in the home before, he said he did and had just moved out, hence the reason the stove was probably missing.

He took us to the basement and showed us around. It was really nice, then we found out we were in a county that didn't allow signs out on the roads by the driveways. He offered a very small place in town the size of an office for Chris to setup the sign shop but I let him know it would take more than a tiny office space to work a sign business. When asked about the rent, he let me know it was a month to month, no lease... It was 850.00 per month ... first and last months rent and a per pet deposit of 250.00 each.

Chris and Austin wanted to take a walk through the wooded area to the pond which was on the property so they did... I tried to go with them but the high weeds were eating up my legs as I had on capri pants and flip flops! I told them I would just stay near the truck. The pond consisted of a very small place with water in it and surrounded by lots of trees. Austin said it was pathetic! Although it was pathetic, they really wanted that house because they wanted it to hunt on. I immediately was not happy from the moment we got there seeing the house was so small and later learning it was a month to month... well... that did me in... that was NOT the house for us! I mean, he could have gotten all that money up front, rented it and then threw us out and there would not be an agreement. Forget that... I wasn't born yesterday! I think we've been through so much now we can't afford to take chances with people... if your family will mess you over, just think what others will do!
Here is a pic of the house

After we left there, I had another one on my list. It was a home I had seen on Craigslist and there was a video of it. It is 4BR 2 Baths Fireplace, garage which had been closed in and looked like a Florida room. We looked at this one... the guy told us where to find the key. I really liked this house. The only thing is, it had a very steep drive and Chris surprisingly didn't like that part. I laughed cause I'm the one with the scared of heights thing going on. It had a nice wrap around porch on it too. But the view really was of the woods. I'm sure once all the leaves fell, well... there would be a view. The guy was very nice to us on the phone. He had an application he wanted us to fill out. Chris explained our credit situation with the past bankruptcies and he said, fill it out anyway cause they look at things differently. I really liked the house. It had two rooms which could have been used for my pottery room and sewing room, but then there was no room for me to set up the sign shop. I still would have loved it. It was 950.00 a month. A little more expensive than I planned on.  So we left and called it a day... went and got something to eat and went back to the condo. (Forgot to take some pics of it)

What an interesting day! No luck on finding a house yet.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Looking for a house in TN

Today is the big day.. Oct 2, 2012.  We decided to take us a trip to Gatlinburg, TN and stay a few days there while we look for a house. We rented a condo on ITEX barter and will stay a few days while we are looking. We didn't arrive here until around 10:30pm. That seems to be the magic time for us getting to TN anymore... can't seem to get out the house in the early mornings hours so we can get here on time. We stopped in Spartanburg at Firestone where Cayce works and got our oil changed in the truck. Cayce was not working but he got us a huge discount on the oil change. We had hoped to visit with him on the way through but since we were late getting on the road, we decided to get the oil change and go on.

One reason we were late getting out of here is Chris had done a huge job for Brenda and Nate at Tommies Auto and Diesel. We were told the sign was bending up on one side, so Chris and Austin went and fixed it. We are so thankful for this job. It was enough money for us to go on this trip and even have money for a down payment on renting a home up there if we find one.

So it's 10:30pm.. too tired to do anything, so we'll see what tomorrow brings! Hopefully something good!