Sonja, Austin, Taylor and Chris Noskowiak and Cayce Crews

Thursday, November 1, 2012

3rd Day House Hunting

Woke up ready to look at houses today. I found a few to look at on Craigslist so we called about this one which was a cabin on top of a mountain. It was only 2 BR 1 BA but decided to go look. I've always loved log cabins. We called and guy told us to come on up. And... boy did we go up! Up this steep hill and once up, took a right and went up some more. Chris was really freaking out! He didn't like this at all... I thought it was quite funny and asked if he thought I should drive next time. We stopped at the cabin we thought was the place and a man shouted and told us to park in the drive where he was. He was working on the cabin. His wife had told me this already in an email, so I wasn't surprised. It was  beautiful log cabin. Nice front porch. First thing I noticed was the washing machine hook up in the kitchen. It used to be an overnight rental. I hated that part! No laundry room at all? And in the kitchen? I didn't say anything though, just listened to the guy talk. He wanted 750.00 a month. First and last months rent and 100.00 deposit for the pets. Wasn't a bad price I guess, but the rooms were small... no closet space at all. The only thing it had going for it as far as being a very useful place was the back porch where I could throw clay, but it was not enclosed :(  It was funny listening to this guy. He told us to look around at other places but we'd be back! We filled out the application and we met his wife. She said it would be Sunday before she could run our credit as they didn't have internet up there. That was another thing I wondered about.. I can't do without internet. So we talked a while to them... met the neighbor guy too.. he was really nice too. Found out he moved there and wasn't even in his cabin yet but had already paid and reserved the cabin. This man had bought a few cabins and was fixing them all up.

Well... we weren't crazy about that ride back down the driveway... all of us felt like this wasn't the house for us.