Sonja, Austin, Taylor and Chris Noskowiak and Cayce Crews

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Update on Us

I'm not sure where to start.... since I have alot of back dating to do and lots to still write about. My computer jack went out so I had to get another laptop. I don't like this cheapy as much as I liked my other one. They are having a hard time getting a part for it so I don't know when I will ever get it back. The bad thing is it held a lot of my notes about our life. So sad I didn't back up my drive. I didn't expect anything like this to happen and not be able to fix it though.

So for now... here goes!
Taylor will finish school June 11th. We are excited about this and she hopes to get into Cosmetology school right here in town. She has a boyfriend and is planning to go to his prom the end of this month, so it's a time of looking for a prom dress :)  She was diagnosed with Diabetes back in July 4th 2010 and she has been trying to watch her diet to keep her sugar down. She drinks lots of pickle juice and according to the doctor, whatever she is doing they want her to keep doing it. Her blood test were recently good. We are still trusting G-d for a healing for her and I know she is too :) She just turned 18 might I mention and she thinks she is already grown up. Boy do I remember thinking the same thing at 18... boy was I wrong. I believe that's when all my troubles started. Taylor has been an awesome young lady. She has just started to go places with her boyfriend. I have been trying to teach both my children the difference between courting and dating. I tell them the day they ask me to go out on a date with someone is when they are telling me they have met someone that they could live with the rest of their lives. She hasn't asked to date yet.. but she has asked to go bowling with him and we let her ride with him there, so I guess that is sorta like a date, huh? We love her and we are proud of the young woman she is becoming.  Well, that's it for an update on her for now :)

Austin is bored!(You'll read that statement almost any given time on his Facebook Status) Anyone who knows Austin knows he is so laid back. I recently put a Potter's Wheel on layaway for him and I to learn how to throw clay. I took some lessons recently on "Pinch Pots". I tried to get him to take some too, but he wouldn't. He say's, "Mom, you take the lessons and come home and teach me". When asked what he is going to do when he gets out of school, his answer is, "Be a farmer". I tell him farming is a HARD job... so he better get started getting up early, cause farmers have to do that.  He has very few friends. We don't go very many places anymore so he doesn't really get the opportunity to make many friends. But even if he did, I'd still be strict about where he went. I will always be that way with my children as things are just not the same as they were when I was growing up. In fact, this town we live in is so bad, you'd not really trust your child to even go into a department store by themselves, if you really cared about your child. I am funny with Taylor as well, although she is 18. He skipped the 8th grade and is in 9th this year. He is having a tough time with Algebra so I am about to get him a tutor. He is a very sweet young man though... I love him very much and I'm proud of the young man he is becoming :)

My oldest is Cayce. He just turned 25. We just celebrated his birthday at home here. He lives in Spartanburg, SC. I don't get to see Cayce very often cause he works for Firestone. He works alot and doesn't get to come home often nor do I get to go up there too often. He has a good career with Firestone and he recently bought himself a house. He will be going to the closing sometime in March. We are very proud of Cayce. He went to college 4 years and never came back to live here. He seen much potential there and has made a good life for himself. He has a beautiful girlfriend of about 5/6 years now and I think wedding bells will be ringing soon. She has been to nursing school for 4 years now. She will graduate this year. We are proud of her as well. I really miss my son... and I wish I lived closer. Someday I hope to live up there closer to him and enjoy holding some grand children. For now he says he will get married and wait a few years. Wise Choice, I'd say :) He also is into race cars and has one of his own he is about to put on the track. I'll sure be doing a whole lot more praying for him :) I love him very much and I'm very proud to be his moma, he turned out to be an awesome child :)  That's the update on Cayce.

As for Chris... he was recently diagnosed with Arthritis in his legs and is now on medicine. I feel so badly watching him in pain. The medicine seems to be helping but then during the day he gets these feelings like he is going to throw up and gets fatigued. I think he needs to talk to the doctor about a new medicine, but he says it takes a while to get into your system. I hope something is going to help him. I can hardly sleep with him now and I have to sleep on the couch many nights cause he can't keep his legs still. Oh, he has restless leg syndrome so that is the other problem. During the day you can find him working on small projects. He recently got himself a scroll saw, built himself a table to put it on and he is looking to make some wirligigs (I probably spelled that wrong). He has been building some shelves for me for my sewing room, and has recently made me a new table for my new Janome Horizon 7700QCP. It's a really nice table and we ordered a table top for it to match my room. He really enjoys wood working. I am happy he does, everyone needs a hobby. Between him and I, the kids should be multi talented and never bored! I'll post a few pics soon of his work. He is a wonderful husband and I think he would do anything in the world for me :) I'm lucky!

As for me... I've been playing around with Clay. I've been learning how to do "Pinch Pots". That is making a bowl using your hands and fingers. It's been so much fun. I need a kiln now so I can fire our pieces but that will have to wait. I do have a Potters Wheel on layaway as I mentioned above and hope to get that soon so Austin and I both can get started on throwing clay. It's such a relaxing thing to do and I was looking for things to do with my hands that would relax me. I've been having problems with anxiety in my sleep. Last night was the first night I have slept over 5 hours in about 2 mos. Could be pre-menopause (geez, I couldn't even spell it w/o the spell checker, hehe) . I've been on the C25K program for 4 weeks now. I've lost around 12 pds since Jan 28th. I was learning to really watch my carbs and now I am being bad. I need to get back doing that again. I also have been drinking vinegar, water and honey. You can read about the effects of drinking this at . This is a raw vinegar and the honey I use is raw as well. I believe it has kept me from being sore after a run cause I've not had to worry about being sore since I started. I have also learned about doing oil pulling.  The mouth is said to be the culprit for many diseases we get in our bodies and doing oil pulling gets out a lot of bacteria from our mouths before it goes in. It is said to make your teeth white, get rid of an abscess tooth (which a friend of mine testifies to), makes you sleep better, and so much more. You can read about it at .  I've basically been trying to learn how to feel better by the means of natural things that G-d made and intended on us to use.
I got a new sewing machine about 2 mos ago and I'm busy trying to organize all my fabrics so the room is not messy and I can find my fabrics, lol. I love my machine and appreciate my hubby getting it for me. It's sure going to make Quilting a whole lot easier. Well, that's it for now... I'll update again soon :)