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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Update on Our home(Home EQ Inc. Forced Flood Ins.)

I know it's been a while since I updated my blog. Gosh, it feels like a lifetime already since I was at home too. I've been walking down this dirt road from Moms to our home almost every day. It's so sad to pass the house and remember what it felt like to be in there. So many emotions... so many questions.

We seens a lawyer Monday a week ago. He says he wants to see a copy of the Ins. Policy that the mortgage company imposed on us. We couldn't find our copy so we sent for a copy. We are now waiting on those papers. The lawyer said that alot of times there is money in a policy that the policy holder doesn't even know about. Well we'll see.... cause they aren't offering to give us enough to fix the house.

We also in the process of going through some paperwork, found the original agreement. It shows we have 2 septic tank systems and 1 well on our property. Well... there is no such thing as 2 septic tanks on my property.... my brother owns my other septic tank due to stealing the property. (more on that below) The well is my brothers and on his property. The title company was told this. I don't know why we didn't read this paperwork more clearly than we did. We do have ONE big septic tank system for this house, on our property. They were told in the beginning that the well was on my brothers property. We also seen the words "This property is NOT in a flood zone". Well.... right after we got this refinance, our mortgage company imposed flood insurance on us and went up on our mortgage payments. Because of this, they were about to force us into bankruptcy. We paid them over 1000.00 to bring payments current. Wish I knew the exact dollar amount now but we are gonna go and look all this up now. We had to prove to them we were not in a flood zone so we contacted the country dept and got paperwork signed and faxed it in. The mortgage company was supposed to reimburse us for this but they never did send us any money. Even they didn't bother to read the paperwork on the title or they would have known we were not in a flood zone. I'm not sure that we proved we were not in a flood zone before they foreclosed on us and forced us into bankruptcy or not..... We will get the lawyer to audit the mortgage account now cause so many things happened. They even charged what they call "Ride By Inspections". We live on private property and anyone who passes my families house usually gets questioned if the vehicle is strange looking. They either call us, or they follow the vehicle to see where it went, LOL.  There's never been any of those inspections going on.... they just charge you that if you are late, saying they did the drive by to see if the house was still there. Now how can the house be moved? It's bricked under and on a foundation. We'll get to the bottom of that one too now that all this has happened, 

So bankrupt we went...... the second time was when my husband had cancer. I'll tell that story another time. So lets talk about my stolen property, ok?

When I initially bought the house, I put 10,000.00 down on it. It was my retirement money from a plant I worked at. We ended up doing a re-finance some years later on the house.... so when we did, the mortgage company wanted collateral. So with that said, my dad came back to the house and showed me my property lines and told me what I could have. He said this small part of your yard past your septic tank (from old house) on over to your brothers house is under mortgage cause I loaned him the land so he didn't have to mortgage any of his land he is using for a pond. I said ok. We had a surveyor come out and do our surveying.... and somehow ended up with 1.2 acres. Well... to this day we don't know how that is only 1.2 acres but that's what the plat now says. We thought at one time we owned just over 2 acres. So anyway, 12 years later.... my house is burnt to the degree I can no longer live in it..... we do some research and find out the land my dad let him borrow exceeded the line where dad said to stop. He went all the way to my back steps and surveyed there. He now owns the property 13 ft. from the actual foundation of my home to HIS house. That would include my first septic system I paid for when I had my single wide parked there..... and my screen printing shop. My dad had no idea my brother stole it. Needless to say.... I am not speaking to him and HE is a THIEF! If someone would steal from you, they'd do anything to you. So..... with that said.... it's like we are doomed!!! Why would I not be asking questions now? Yes L-rd.... it's time you move us elsewhere..... do something.... even give him ALL the land and mine.... just get us out of here!!!!

So that's where we are now,, my friend who is a lawyer felt the need to send us to this other lawyer cause he has handled cases like this before and has won. She wants the accounts audited and also says the Title Company may get sued for falsifying information, I do have to wonder too.... exactly HOW far off someone elses property line can you survey???? This is crazy!!!  I feel so ashamed that my own flesh and blood would hurt me like this.... but... this isn't the first time he has done something to us either. :(

Please continue to pray for us. There Has to be an answer somewhere.

This might sound funny but.... I was thinking the other day... it would be nice if a bunch of my friends went to and clicked on the "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" button and then clicked on Apply/Nominate and nominated us for a new home. Ok, it doesn't hurt to dream, does it?

I'd settle for an OLD farmhouse with about 7 acres of land for farming :)  I want me a farm so badly. Read my upcoming post, on our new Goats we are getting, lol

I don't have too many blog followers... I know this sounds like doom and gloom, but ya know,... this is gonna turn out for good, somehow, trust me!!! I love you all and thanks for following us as we weed through this mess :)