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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Looking for a vehicle to take us to the hearing for Oct 29th (court cancel)

We went looking for a vehicle today. We tried many places to get one from no credit bad credit places to you name it. We had about 800.00 to put down on a vehicle. Our credit is totally ruined since this house ordeal so we were turned down so many times for a vehicle. However, either way we were going to rent a vehicle to get us there if we didn't buy one.

On the way to look for a vehicle, Chris called the attorney's for Wells Fargo and told the person who answered who he was and our case number. He told them we would be at the court hearing on the 29th and to have a court reporter present. We weren't about to go without a reporter, even if there was a special referee hearing the case. The guy said ok. It wasn't long and we were sitting there talking to a guy about a car we liked and the phone rang. Chris answers it and it's the attorney's office. The guy told Chris our court hearing for the 29th had been cancelled due to FEMA being in town due to the flooding in Columbia, SC. So Chris said ok and hung up the phone. A few days later, Chris called the attorney's office and told them he was just confirming that our court hearing had been cancelled. They said yes.

Since we didn't have to hurry to get a vehicle so we could get down to SC for the hearing, we decided to take our time looking around for a vehicle. Besides, we couldn't look except for when my kids were off of work because we had to rely on them to take us to look for a vehicle.  We were stuck at the house, no friends to take us places we needed to go and we relied heavily on our daughter and her boyfriend to take us when they were not working. We were thankful! We learned one thing though... you sure know who your friends are and you reap what you sew in life, and... the best part.. G-d will never leave us in a place he won't provide for us, as he did us!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Foreclosure Hearing Next Week Oct 29th, 2015 Part 2

As I finished my last post, for some reason I looked down and noticed I finished that post at 4:44am. Those numbers really didn't mean anything to me except it seemed strange that my post ended with a triple digit number. Again, I have no knowledge of what those numbers could mean. However, I decided to type in "Number 444" on Google just to see what came up. Here is the website I chose to look at... for no apparent reason either.

What really stuck out in this article was this part.

The repeating Angel Number 444 is a message that ‘all is well’.  Trust that you are on your correct life path and are doing a great job. The angels and Archangels are available for help and guidance  -  all you need to do is ask.

Number 444 relates to number 3 (4+4+4=12, 1+2=3) and Angel Number 3

See the bottom part here where it says 444 relates to number 4 then the calculations and Angel Number 3? That just about blew my mind!

Summary:  I had just been writing about my experience with the number 3 on my front steps and how G-d had told me to tell the devil this is my house 3 times. And my post ended at 4:44am.... and looking up the number 444 brought me to see that the number 444 relates to the number 3.

What I got out of all of that was... I need to not question anymore if I am on the right track or if G-d is working it all out for me, or if he is really listening. The last part of the mesage on that page that speaks about trusting that I am on the correct path and doing a great job, spoke volumes to me. Yes, I believe he is listening and he has it all worked out for me.

Stay Tuned! 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Foreclosure Hearing Next Week Oct 29th, 2015 Part 1

Foreclosure Hearing Next Week

After a long 3 years, we have a Summary Judgment foreclosure hearing on Thursday. It's so hard to sit here and think about losing my home in SC. The home I raised my children in. The one I went into bankruptcy over twice just to save it while Chris was sick with cancer. What a struggle to keep it. Then, what a struggle it was to get someone to fix the home, after finding out the home had been burned by someone, not an accidental fire at all. It's hard to know what G-ds will is when you know what you heard him say, what you said out loud... what he told you to say... And so that my reader may know what I am saying, I will share that part with you.

The year was 2005. I was out walking on the property nearby which is family owned. We have a 3/4 mile tract of land I would walk or run on. It made a big circle around the perimeter of my home and the clay pits that surrounded the area. I had been talking to G-d this particular day. I had been asking him how it was that I went through a bankruptcy and now was about to go back into another one. I managed to make it to the front of my house as I had walked that 3/4 miles and I sat on the front steps. As I sat there, I heard a voice say to me, "Move down one step". I didn't question it, I just moved down one step. As I did, I counted the steps and I was sitting on the 3rd step. As I sat there and sobbed, and looked out towards my front yard, I heard the L-rd say, "Sonja, what do you see"? I immediately said, "I don't see anything". I then heard him say, "Oh, but Sonja, what do you see"? I said, "L-rd, I don't see anything, no flowers and trees, I guess I never really felt like it was mine". I then heard him say, "Sonja, tell the devil, this is MY house". I opened up my mouth without even thinking about this and said, "Devil, this is MY house"! What seemed like just a few seconds had gone by, I heard him say again, "Tell the devil, this is My house". I then in return said again, "Devil this is MY House"! I got to thinking, no-one could really hear me because no-one was home. My husband had went to the dump to take the trash off. I then for the 3rd time hear him say, "Tell the devil this is MY house". With everything in my heart mind and my soul, I screamed to the tip top of my lungs, "Devil, this is MY house"! It was so loud, it seemed my inner spirit screamed it and there was an echo coming from the woods in front of the house there as the scream escaped my lips.

About the time it was said for the 3rd time, I seen my husband pulling up in the yard. I walked around to tell him what had just happened to me. I said, you know, there is something about that number three. I sat on the 3rd step and he had me tell the devil three times "Devil this is My house". I said, I am going to go get my Bible and see what this means. I left him there in the yard and walked in to get my Bible. I knew it was back on the hamper in the bathroom where I had left it so I was determined to go get it and start looking up some stuff. As I came out of my bathroom, there laying on my bed in the bedroom was some Easter baskets I had put there along with candy in preparation of fixing up the kids some baskets. I paused there a few moments and fixed the baskets as I didn't want the kids to walk in and see them. When I was finished I walked back in to my living room. As I did, I heard the L-rd say, "The Father, Son and Holy Ghost is after them". To this day, I have no idea who they are after. I don't know who the "Them" is he was speaking of. I don't know if it's the bank, or my brother or what after what he has done to me.

I've hung on all those years thinking something was going to happen that the house would be mine. I ended up going into that bankruptcy anyway to save the house. But later we would  learn our attorney had been disbarred and could not even practice law after we had paid him. We never got our money back from him either. We represented our own selves and the judge was mean and didn't want to hear anything at all from us, even though we were left without representation. And then, sometime after that we were late making one of the bankruptcy payments and they wanted to foreclose on the house again. This time we learned there was a way to just pay our way out of that bankruptcy. So we started making payments on the house of 1540.00 a month for 18 months. I do not know how we did that but G-d sure helped us get it paid. And here we are, in 2015 about to lose the home because after all of that, over 20 years ago my brother had surveyed his property along with us having ours done, my dad said to let my brother handle it. Little did we all know, he surveyed all the way up to my back steps. It wasn't until after the fire that an attorney friend of mine pointed it out on my plat of land that I did not even own my back yard like I thought and like the appraisal said as a part of the closing documents on our loan. No place for a well as the whole front yard is no more than septic lines across it. This is a mean old story... I have video that shows my brother cussing us out, telling us he will not give us water and to get our own well... and if you read the whole story, you will find that he kept my water off while we lived in our burned home, refusing to give us water, as the well that fed my home for years was on his property, not ours. 

As to not repeat the story about the fire, I'll stop there with that part. We asked Wells Fargo for a Hamp loan. We were turned down, but turned down over the phone. They didn't even put it in writing. Turned us down because they said there was no well on the property. Well, no duh! They are not worried about us. They will just take the house, and will collect the insurance money on it, and then try to sell it again in hopes someone will not make payment and foreclose on the property again and collect insurance money. They can't even prove they own my loan as of yet because it's not filed in the Deeds and Titles books... It still shows the past Servicer... So who really owns my loan is still yet to be proven. I may lose, but if I do, I'll just go to school to learn how to help others NOT lose their homes like this. If you could see my home now... Wells Fargo supplied Forced place home owners insurance on our property when we were in bankruptcy. We were told because of the bankruptcy we would have to keep it. However we got a few holes in our roof and the insurance adjuster said it was not covered under the policy because we tried to fix it. Well, Wells Fargo said to do what we could to prevent any further damage so we put down that black tar looking paper for one thing until we could get the adjuster out there. So now, there is two big holes in my roof and mold throughout the walls. We could not even stay in the house very long that we didn't want to pass out. It was just awful! The home is still beautiful and I still want my home. We could never come to a resolution as to how to live in it without water and no place to put a well. Surely the Title Policy would have covered this. Oh, that's something else our closing attorney did not bother making a meaningful offer as to "Why we needed to get this". Wells Fargo has a Title Policy and they could have done something but instead, they would rather take the house.

That's just some of the story. The attorney's are blaming this whole thing on a family issue. The problem with that is, If I would have purchased this property and home and this was NOT my brother, then what? The homeowner would still own the well in which the Appraisal says we owned a well and 2 septic systems. Oh yea, the second septic system became my brothers as well, once he stole the property. Yea, there is alot to this story. No attorney would help us, we just didn't have enough money to fight. I'll find another way to fight back, hopefully helping someone else save their home!

As for what G-d said to me... I have no clue why this happened and here after all these years, someone tried to burn it and didn't succeed.. but it's apparent that we certainly may not keep it now either. I guess I'll soon learn what the end of this chapter is. What I do know is, this isn't fair at all!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

3rd Day House Hunting

Woke up ready to look at houses today. I found a few to look at on Craigslist so we called about this one which was a cabin on top of a mountain. It was only 2 BR 1 BA but decided to go look. I've always loved log cabins. We called and guy told us to come on up. And... boy did we go up! Up this steep hill and once up, took a right and went up some more. Chris was really freaking out! He didn't like this at all... I thought it was quite funny and asked if he thought I should drive next time. We stopped at the cabin we thought was the place and a man shouted and told us to park in the drive where he was. He was working on the cabin. His wife had told me this already in an email, so I wasn't surprised. It was  beautiful log cabin. Nice front porch. First thing I noticed was the washing machine hook up in the kitchen. It used to be an overnight rental. I hated that part! No laundry room at all? And in the kitchen? I didn't say anything though, just listened to the guy talk. He wanted 750.00 a month. First and last months rent and 100.00 deposit for the pets. Wasn't a bad price I guess, but the rooms were small... no closet space at all. The only thing it had going for it as far as being a very useful place was the back porch where I could throw clay, but it was not enclosed :(  It was funny listening to this guy. He told us to look around at other places but we'd be back! We filled out the application and we met his wife. She said it would be Sunday before she could run our credit as they didn't have internet up there. That was another thing I wondered about.. I can't do without internet. So we talked a while to them... met the neighbor guy too.. he was really nice too. Found out he moved there and wasn't even in his cabin yet but had already paid and reserved the cabin. This man had bought a few cabins and was fixing them all up.

Well... we weren't crazy about that ride back down the driveway... all of us felt like this wasn't the house for us.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Secoond Day House Hunting

As excited as I was, I was just too tired to get up and go too fast. Somewhere around 2:00 we got out the condo and decided to go look at this house I had been talking to a guy about. It was a one story rancher about 1000sq ft. It had 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. It had 15 acres and a nearby stream, close to the lake and an advertised fenced in ring for animals. It also had a basement.

When we arrived, Austin and I were totally disappointed. The house looked so much smaller than it did in the picture. We called the guy since he worked nearby and want us to call when we got there. By then, Austin and I had checked out the fenced in place in the back yard. The grass was not cut at all and was very unimpressive to me. He got there and showed us around the house and the first thing I noticed was the stove was missing. We'd have to buy a stove. When asked who lived in the home before, he said he did and had just moved out, hence the reason the stove was probably missing.

He took us to the basement and showed us around. It was really nice, then we found out we were in a county that didn't allow signs out on the roads by the driveways. He offered a very small place in town the size of an office for Chris to setup the sign shop but I let him know it would take more than a tiny office space to work a sign business. When asked about the rent, he let me know it was a month to month, no lease... It was 850.00 per month ... first and last months rent and a per pet deposit of 250.00 each.

Chris and Austin wanted to take a walk through the wooded area to the pond which was on the property so they did... I tried to go with them but the high weeds were eating up my legs as I had on capri pants and flip flops! I told them I would just stay near the truck. The pond consisted of a very small place with water in it and surrounded by lots of trees. Austin said it was pathetic! Although it was pathetic, they really wanted that house because they wanted it to hunt on. I immediately was not happy from the moment we got there seeing the house was so small and later learning it was a month to month... well... that did me in... that was NOT the house for us! I mean, he could have gotten all that money up front, rented it and then threw us out and there would not be an agreement. Forget that... I wasn't born yesterday! I think we've been through so much now we can't afford to take chances with people... if your family will mess you over, just think what others will do!
Here is a pic of the house

After we left there, I had another one on my list. It was a home I had seen on Craigslist and there was a video of it. It is 4BR 2 Baths Fireplace, garage which had been closed in and looked like a Florida room. We looked at this one... the guy told us where to find the key. I really liked this house. The only thing is, it had a very steep drive and Chris surprisingly didn't like that part. I laughed cause I'm the one with the scared of heights thing going on. It had a nice wrap around porch on it too. But the view really was of the woods. I'm sure once all the leaves fell, well... there would be a view. The guy was very nice to us on the phone. He had an application he wanted us to fill out. Chris explained our credit situation with the past bankruptcies and he said, fill it out anyway cause they look at things differently. I really liked the house. It had two rooms which could have been used for my pottery room and sewing room, but then there was no room for me to set up the sign shop. I still would have loved it. It was 950.00 a month. A little more expensive than I planned on.  So we left and called it a day... went and got something to eat and went back to the condo. (Forgot to take some pics of it)

What an interesting day! No luck on finding a house yet.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Looking for a house in TN

Today is the big day.. Oct 2, 2012.  We decided to take us a trip to Gatlinburg, TN and stay a few days there while we look for a house. We rented a condo on ITEX barter and will stay a few days while we are looking. We didn't arrive here until around 10:30pm. That seems to be the magic time for us getting to TN anymore... can't seem to get out the house in the early mornings hours so we can get here on time. We stopped in Spartanburg at Firestone where Cayce works and got our oil changed in the truck. Cayce was not working but he got us a huge discount on the oil change. We had hoped to visit with him on the way through but since we were late getting on the road, we decided to get the oil change and go on.

One reason we were late getting out of here is Chris had done a huge job for Brenda and Nate at Tommies Auto and Diesel. We were told the sign was bending up on one side, so Chris and Austin went and fixed it. We are so thankful for this job. It was enough money for us to go on this trip and even have money for a down payment on renting a home up there if we find one.

So it's 10:30pm.. too tired to do anything, so we'll see what tomorrow brings! Hopefully something good!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Update on Us

I'm not sure where to start.... since I have alot of back dating to do and lots to still write about. My computer jack went out so I had to get another laptop. I don't like this cheapy as much as I liked my other one. They are having a hard time getting a part for it so I don't know when I will ever get it back. The bad thing is it held a lot of my notes about our life. So sad I didn't back up my drive. I didn't expect anything like this to happen and not be able to fix it though.

So for now... here goes!
Taylor will finish school June 11th. We are excited about this and she hopes to get into Cosmetology school right here in town. She has a boyfriend and is planning to go to his prom the end of this month, so it's a time of looking for a prom dress :)  She was diagnosed with Diabetes back in July 4th 2010 and she has been trying to watch her diet to keep her sugar down. She drinks lots of pickle juice and according to the doctor, whatever she is doing they want her to keep doing it. Her blood test were recently good. We are still trusting G-d for a healing for her and I know she is too :) She just turned 18 might I mention and she thinks she is already grown up. Boy do I remember thinking the same thing at 18... boy was I wrong. I believe that's when all my troubles started. Taylor has been an awesome young lady. She has just started to go places with her boyfriend. I have been trying to teach both my children the difference between courting and dating. I tell them the day they ask me to go out on a date with someone is when they are telling me they have met someone that they could live with the rest of their lives. She hasn't asked to date yet.. but she has asked to go bowling with him and we let her ride with him there, so I guess that is sorta like a date, huh? We love her and we are proud of the young woman she is becoming.  Well, that's it for an update on her for now :)

Austin is bored!(You'll read that statement almost any given time on his Facebook Status) Anyone who knows Austin knows he is so laid back. I recently put a Potter's Wheel on layaway for him and I to learn how to throw clay. I took some lessons recently on "Pinch Pots". I tried to get him to take some too, but he wouldn't. He say's, "Mom, you take the lessons and come home and teach me". When asked what he is going to do when he gets out of school, his answer is, "Be a farmer". I tell him farming is a HARD job... so he better get started getting up early, cause farmers have to do that.  He has very few friends. We don't go very many places anymore so he doesn't really get the opportunity to make many friends. But even if he did, I'd still be strict about where he went. I will always be that way with my children as things are just not the same as they were when I was growing up. In fact, this town we live in is so bad, you'd not really trust your child to even go into a department store by themselves, if you really cared about your child. I am funny with Taylor as well, although she is 18. He skipped the 8th grade and is in 9th this year. He is having a tough time with Algebra so I am about to get him a tutor. He is a very sweet young man though... I love him very much and I'm proud of the young man he is becoming :)

My oldest is Cayce. He just turned 25. We just celebrated his birthday at home here. He lives in Spartanburg, SC. I don't get to see Cayce very often cause he works for Firestone. He works alot and doesn't get to come home often nor do I get to go up there too often. He has a good career with Firestone and he recently bought himself a house. He will be going to the closing sometime in March. We are very proud of Cayce. He went to college 4 years and never came back to live here. He seen much potential there and has made a good life for himself. He has a beautiful girlfriend of about 5/6 years now and I think wedding bells will be ringing soon. She has been to nursing school for 4 years now. She will graduate this year. We are proud of her as well. I really miss my son... and I wish I lived closer. Someday I hope to live up there closer to him and enjoy holding some grand children. For now he says he will get married and wait a few years. Wise Choice, I'd say :) He also is into race cars and has one of his own he is about to put on the track. I'll sure be doing a whole lot more praying for him :) I love him very much and I'm very proud to be his moma, he turned out to be an awesome child :)  That's the update on Cayce.

As for Chris... he was recently diagnosed with Arthritis in his legs and is now on medicine. I feel so badly watching him in pain. The medicine seems to be helping but then during the day he gets these feelings like he is going to throw up and gets fatigued. I think he needs to talk to the doctor about a new medicine, but he says it takes a while to get into your system. I hope something is going to help him. I can hardly sleep with him now and I have to sleep on the couch many nights cause he can't keep his legs still. Oh, he has restless leg syndrome so that is the other problem. During the day you can find him working on small projects. He recently got himself a scroll saw, built himself a table to put it on and he is looking to make some wirligigs (I probably spelled that wrong). He has been building some shelves for me for my sewing room, and has recently made me a new table for my new Janome Horizon 7700QCP. It's a really nice table and we ordered a table top for it to match my room. He really enjoys wood working. I am happy he does, everyone needs a hobby. Between him and I, the kids should be multi talented and never bored! I'll post a few pics soon of his work. He is a wonderful husband and I think he would do anything in the world for me :) I'm lucky!

As for me... I've been playing around with Clay. I've been learning how to do "Pinch Pots". That is making a bowl using your hands and fingers. It's been so much fun. I need a kiln now so I can fire our pieces but that will have to wait. I do have a Potters Wheel on layaway as I mentioned above and hope to get that soon so Austin and I both can get started on throwing clay. It's such a relaxing thing to do and I was looking for things to do with my hands that would relax me. I've been having problems with anxiety in my sleep. Last night was the first night I have slept over 5 hours in about 2 mos. Could be pre-menopause (geez, I couldn't even spell it w/o the spell checker, hehe) . I've been on the C25K program for 4 weeks now. I've lost around 12 pds since Jan 28th. I was learning to really watch my carbs and now I am being bad. I need to get back doing that again. I also have been drinking vinegar, water and honey. You can read about the effects of drinking this at . This is a raw vinegar and the honey I use is raw as well. I believe it has kept me from being sore after a run cause I've not had to worry about being sore since I started. I have also learned about doing oil pulling.  The mouth is said to be the culprit for many diseases we get in our bodies and doing oil pulling gets out a lot of bacteria from our mouths before it goes in. It is said to make your teeth white, get rid of an abscess tooth (which a friend of mine testifies to), makes you sleep better, and so much more. You can read about it at .  I've basically been trying to learn how to feel better by the means of natural things that G-d made and intended on us to use.
I got a new sewing machine about 2 mos ago and I'm busy trying to organize all my fabrics so the room is not messy and I can find my fabrics, lol. I love my machine and appreciate my hubby getting it for me. It's sure going to make Quilting a whole lot easier. Well, that's it for now... I'll update again soon :)


Thursday, August 19, 2010

3 Week Vacation (Barter Vacation Stop 1 on the way)

We left today for Wisconsin to visit Chris's parents. On the way, we stopped off in Gatlinburg, TN. We stayed at the Gatlinburg Condo Management in Gatlinburg. That night we went to dinner at the The Smith Family Dinner Theatre .  The Condo and the Dinner theatre was on barter. The entertainment was excellent, the food was awesome and the condo was just as nice as it always is. This was the first stop. See Stop 2.

The Stage
We are having such a great time
And another pic of us
And here are some of the Smith Family

Another Stage Pic

Fantastic Group of Gospel Singers

Father and Son

Great singer and imitator

Friday, August 13, 2010

Contractors are finished

Finally.... the contractors are finished. There were still a few things I was not satisfied with, but Chris went back over the house and gave them the go ahead that they were finished. I don't think they did 16000.00 worth of work, but.. my husband told them to fix the house as cheap as possible cause we were gonna rent it out. I do not know why he would tell a contractor that when if he did rent it out, and something messed up, he still would have to fix it!!! Oh well....

Here are the pics of the house, after they started fixing it.
Laundry Room

Laundry Room

Laundry Room
Laundry Room

Here is the Den painted Seafoam Green

Here is my Seafoam Green Den

Mirror wall surrounding Jacuzzi

Here is the Kitchen

Here is the Living Room

That beam was falling apart before the fire
Bathroom Closet
Hallway to the kids room
My old quilt room
Hallway after it was finished
Austin's Bedroom the one that was the worse
Austins Room
My bathroom
Taylors Wall
Taylors Room
Austins Room
Taylors Room
New Floor in Hall
Taylors Closet Door
Kids Bathroom
New Quilt Room
New Quilt Room
Quilt Room Ceiling
Kitchen with new floor
Den with new floor
Den with new floor
Ceiling in Den
Love my Den and wall colors
Den and Kitchen
Ceiling in my room
My Kitchen
Looking from the Den to the LR
Living Room
Living Room
French Doors from LR to Den
LR looking to Kitchen

Molding in my house
My bathroom w/Jacuzzi Tub
Jacuzzi tub
Toilet and cherry flooring
Double Sinks in Bathroom
Shower in my bathroom
My Walk In Closet

Here is my bedroom
Light in my bathroom