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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Looking for a vehicle to take us to the hearing for Oct 29th (court cancel)

We went looking for a vehicle today. We tried many places to get one from no credit bad credit places to you name it. We had about 800.00 to put down on a vehicle. Our credit is totally ruined since this house ordeal so we were turned down so many times for a vehicle. However, either way we were going to rent a vehicle to get us there if we didn't buy one.

On the way to look for a vehicle, Chris called the attorney's for Wells Fargo and told the person who answered who he was and our case number. He told them we would be at the court hearing on the 29th and to have a court reporter present. We weren't about to go without a reporter, even if there was a special referee hearing the case. The guy said ok. It wasn't long and we were sitting there talking to a guy about a car we liked and the phone rang. Chris answers it and it's the attorney's office. The guy told Chris our court hearing for the 29th had been cancelled due to FEMA being in town due to the flooding in Columbia, SC. So Chris said ok and hung up the phone. A few days later, Chris called the attorney's office and told them he was just confirming that our court hearing had been cancelled. They said yes.

Since we didn't have to hurry to get a vehicle so we could get down to SC for the hearing, we decided to take our time looking around for a vehicle. Besides, we couldn't look except for when my kids were off of work because we had to rely on them to take us to look for a vehicle.  We were stuck at the house, no friends to take us places we needed to go and we relied heavily on our daughter and her boyfriend to take us when they were not working. We were thankful! We learned one thing though... you sure know who your friends are and you reap what you sew in life, and... the best part.. G-d will never leave us in a place he won't provide for us, as he did us!

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