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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Looking for a house in TN

Today is the big day.. Oct 2, 2012.  We decided to take us a trip to Gatlinburg, TN and stay a few days there while we look for a house. We rented a condo on ITEX barter and will stay a few days while we are looking. We didn't arrive here until around 10:30pm. That seems to be the magic time for us getting to TN anymore... can't seem to get out the house in the early mornings hours so we can get here on time. We stopped in Spartanburg at Firestone where Cayce works and got our oil changed in the truck. Cayce was not working but he got us a huge discount on the oil change. We had hoped to visit with him on the way through but since we were late getting on the road, we decided to get the oil change and go on.

One reason we were late getting out of here is Chris had done a huge job for Brenda and Nate at Tommies Auto and Diesel. We were told the sign was bending up on one side, so Chris and Austin went and fixed it. We are so thankful for this job. It was enough money for us to go on this trip and even have money for a down payment on renting a home up there if we find one.

So it's 10:30pm.. too tired to do anything, so we'll see what tomorrow brings! Hopefully something good!

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