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Friday, April 23, 2010

Rice Festival Weekend

We decided to go to the Rice Festival here in town. I wanted to taste the rice from the rice contest they had, IF it didn't have pork in it. We made our way down the street where there were lots of vendors everywhere. The rice booth unfortunately was closed, however I found out the rice had pork in it, so with that said, we proceeded to look for some place to get a snack. While standing around the vendor trailers, I noticed a cop who had been at our house a few nights ago. Chris walked over to talk to him and left us eating on a turkey leg, lol. I later joined him and we talked to the cop about the video which I had given Officer Dunn a week prior to this. He informed us the video was on it's way to Columbia to the CID for them to do an enhancement on it so we could find out who was responsible for hitting (D) over the head with a brick. After our conversation , we ran into the Sheriff whom I had never met. We told him everything that had been going on and I broke down and cried right there in the street. I told him we had had no help hardly with anyone trying to catch who did this to (D) and we were about to go out of town and were scared to leave. He immediately radioed in to dispatch to have our house watched the whole weekend by doing ride bys and making sure to leave a card in the door so we knew they had been by. He was very nice and told us to check with him on Monday to let him know how things were and to never feel afraid to call them out. We ended up leaving quite early.... as we only went there to get a bite to eat.

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