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Monday, April 26, 2010

Found a Citadel College Ring to give back

My Metal Detecting friend Christina came over this morning for my husband to detail her Jeep in hot pink and light pink.. She took me to dinner at Bojangles which I love and we just got in our town. Aftewards, I took her to Sunset Park where we found a bunch of sharks teeth laying on the bank. They are very plentiful here but small. She and I had a great time! Then we went over the Folly Beach Metal Detecting. I bet we weren't there 15 minutes and 4 ladies walked over to me and asked me, “Do you ever find anything with that thing,” (pointing at my MD) I said, yes. I showed them the two rings on my fingers my husband and I found and then I proceeded to tell them about the time I found a high school ring. It was gold and had a guys name in it. I told them about me giving it back to the man and hoping I would have a good story for the newspaper but.... come to find out, the ring had been stolen off the mans dresser by his son whom had asked to wear it and was told no! I said, well.. it wouldn't have been a good story telling on the child and how embarrassing to the family, so I didn't get in the paper. I said, I have been praying since then that someday I will find another one and there will be a great story behind it. They wished me luck and walked off. I bet not even 10 minutes later I seen a Tiki Bar where people were standing around it getting drinks.... there were lawn chairs in front on the beach with blue umbrella's over them. There wasn't someone in each of the chairs so I thought, “What will it hurt if I detect between the chairs where there is no-one sitting”? So I proceeded to do so. About the second chair I came to, I got a signal which read 25-50 cents, or gold. I thought, “Well, it must be a nice coin, or it's mixed up and it's only a quarter”. I dipped down with my sand scoop to retrieve it and the weight in the scoop was pretty heavy. I thought I had picked up a rock on the beach somehow. I shook the sand loose and looking down in my scoop, to my surprise, was a Big GOLD Ring! I can only imagine the look on my face when I seen this thing. So unexpected! I was saying, “Christina, Christina”.... but she had head phones on and couldn't hear me. I looked over at this couple and the man had been watching and I caught his glance and his smile as he put hit head back into the book trying to act as though he had not been looking but recognizing the excitement on my face. I started walking to her and when she seen it, she hollored! What I had found was a GOLD Citadel Military College Ring. From what I know about them now, they cost between 700-800.00. I was so excited! I plan to give this ring back. It had his name in it and where he lives. He doesn't live but about an hour away from me. It's so funny how quickly I found this ring after telling those ladies my story and how I longed to find another ring. I sure hope this ring has a good story! Lol

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