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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finished Tournaments and Sheriff Dept Visits

The kids bowled 6 games today. Boy were we tired of watching, lol. Afterwards we got on the road to come home. We stopped off in Columbia at Red Robbins for dinner. If you've never been, gosh it's the best biggest hamburgers you will ever eat!!! I go every chance I get! When we started home from there I started to feel sick. My heart started to race and I started to worry that when we came home the house would be burn't. Anxiety attacks are not good!!! I almost told Chris to pull off but I didn't and I didn't tell him what was going on either. I finally got myself calmed down and relaxed by praying and asking G-d to please help me. When we got just about to where you turn off the main road onto the dirt road we live on, there was a car ahead of us. It was a deputy. Can you believe that? Talk about perfect timing.... it looked like we were getting a police escort back home. When we got there, we discovered it was the cop whom I had reported to the sheriff the other night. This deputy had pushed my husbands hand out the way while he was showing the deputy where the poop was on the floor where my brothers dog had done it's thing. He had also told me to go to the unemployment office the next day to apply for a job that since things were not good back where I lived with my family that it was not a good idea to try to run my business there. Anyway..... as the cop made it up my drive, he stopped to talk and ask how we were. He said he had no idea we had been going through as much as we were. He apologized for what he had said to us. I accepted his apology but told him he was totally wrong telling me to go flip hamburgers for McDonalds when I had a business I was trying to get back off the ground. Anyway, he was really nice and we talked for a while. He said they would continue to patrol the area.

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