Sonja, Austin, Taylor and Chris Noskowiak and Cayce Crews

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What a joke for a Sheriff's Dept

Called Sheriffs Dept and left a message for Sgt. Dunn to call us back. He did in fact call us. Chris informed him that we had spoken to Reuben Carter and he informed us that he himself had taken the report and would be the one to do the investigation. His reply was, “That's interesting”. So Sgt. Dunn had no idea he was supposed to do this? Sgt. Dunn asked that we put the video on a cd and he would come by the house that evening and pick it up from us. By the time we had dinner, got showers and I got this file on a video, it was around 12:30pm. Chris called him anyway and Sgt. Dunn came by the house to get the file. Chris informed him of what he would see on the file. Sgt. Dunn told him he would turn this file into the CID (Criminal Investigation Dept.) So we are waiting till the beginning of the week to see if anyone responds with some answers.

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