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Monday, April 12, 2010

Tired of Carrying Water!

I think our energy was gone much of the day. We woke up and ate a little bit and laid back down again. Chris is hurting in his groin area. We don't know if he has pulled something or if he has a hernia. He had one on the opposite side many years ago and had to have surgery. I am praying he won't have one but if the pain keeps up, he will have to see a dr. to find out. This evening once it cooled off, I went to the truck and took a lot of my sewing items out of boxes and put them in plastic bins we bought last night. I don't know how long they will be on the truck, so I don't want any of it to be ruined. One more step in the right direction.

Life is pretty boring... it's almost like we have stopped living. This is more my husbands idea of staying home than it is mine. Here shortly we are gonna have to go someplace and stay a while. This carrying water back and forth, heating water to do dishes, going to the campground for showers is starting to get to me. I need something that feels normal at least for a little while. Other than that, we are chugging along!

I don't want to forget how to live. It's so true that when you look at your problems and go through the struggles, day in and day out, you tend to lose track of time. You learn to live in your present conditions not expecting things to really change. Then one day, you realize how much of your time was wasted. So.... today, I made a reservation at Disney World for Sept. 25th to Oct. 2nd. That sure put a big smile on my children's faces!!! We will be able to get heavily discounted tickets through our home school group so we can go. I guess we will from here until then look so forward to that time getting here. I know I can't wait!!! I am hoping my oldest son can go with us. If not, it will be the 4 of us going. We are hoping Disney offers their Free Dining program this year again. If so, it will greatly reduce the cost of the trip. I was really surprised how cheap it was to stay at one of their value resorts. It was half the cost of what it was for us to go the first time.... but then,,, we have our oldest with us and that made 5 of us in a room, so we had to stay at another resort which was much more expensive.

Another thing happened today. There were 2 cops which showed up next door at my brothers. He wasn't home but his g/f was seen loading all her things into a vehicle. She had some guy with her. We don't know what's up with that, it's none of our business and we don't wanna know..... but things should be just a tad quieter around here. Too bad he didn't let her have the dogs.... guess we'll fight some more about those dogs coming in the yard.

Ok, back to work!!!

(Update: We never went to Disney, had to cancel cause we wanted to go to Wisconsin so we could stay away from here for 3 weeks)

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