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Monday, March 22, 2010

Talk about Meaness!

We had the door opened today, trying to hook up some electricity from the pole into the house using an extension cord. Next thing we know, my brothers girlfriends dogs started barking at us at the steps and wouldn't shut up. I shouted for him to come get his dogs. Well, he wouldn't do so, so it wasn't long as we were walking through the house that we found his dog IN our house. Chris shouted, "The dog crapped in the house"! Boy were we mad. So, Chris goes over to the back part of the yard and is shouting at my brother about getting his dog and my brother is shouting that he is in his own yard and cusses my husband. So, he gets mad and he calls the cops. The cops tell us they can't determine who owns what and he laughs at us cause we called them out there because the dog pooped in our house. Nevertheless he made my brother come in and clean it up.

My dad arrives there and I still don't know why he came. My brother shouts to me that this is his land and I tell him we will see about that. But... I later find out that when we surveyed our property, we thought the surveyor put our back yard in the surveying. He didn't, cause the back yard come to find out was already surveyed by my brother and he owned our back yard. So we find that soon as we step off my back door steps, HE owns the property. Seems back when my dad was gonna give him a small piece to use for some collateral, that instead of surveying that small piece, he surveyed the whole back yard, which my dad was later gonna give to me. I don't know how I missed that part, I guess it's cause I left that part up to my husband to make sure we had an acre of land so we could get this house on it. My dad signed away the land thinking my brother did what he told him to do. Now we own nothing but a front yard with septic lines through it.

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