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Monday, March 29, 2010

Today hurt me deeply

I received a phone call today from my sister who was visiting my parents. She left me a voice mail so I called and got the message. She was saying that somehow when we was living at my moms house that Chris had the phone company to switch my parents account into our business account, so my parents were paying for our business account all these months and she was Sure I didn't know anything about this. So... she was actually accusing my husband of doing this, but didn't think I knew what he had done. I told her, we had just paid our phone bill last week which was 170 something dollars and so there was no way he could have been paying our bill..... anyway, we had not even had service since Nov cause the house burned. She said, well they turned off momas DSL and they found on their phone bill, the name Infinity Signs next to the DSL. The more we talked I was able to find out that my mother pays the DSL and my dad pays the phone bill. I asked, did they pay more than they normally do for their bill? I was told No. I said, well they couldn't pay for our bill then in that case either as we have a business line and not a residential line and ours is more expensive. I said what I do know is after the fire, we called the phone company and talked to them about us being able to still access our email from my parents home. They said they would roll the emails addresses over on their account since you can have so many email addresses anyway. So all they did was move our email addresses on their account. Chris got on the phone with the same girl my sister had talked to. She said someone had tried to do us a favor and somehow must have put the account in our name. Then she said my parents had not been billed since January for their account. That sounded strange cause my sister said my dad had paid the phone bill each month. Hmmm..... he paid the phone bill but wasn't billed? Why would anyone do that? So my husband says, the only other thing we did was have Mickey (my cousin) do a forwarding of our calls from the business line to my cell phone, but even that didn't last long.

After that conversation I talked to my sister again who insisted that the girl was telling her that my husband was blaming Mickey and he was gonna be in a lot of trouble for this and my sister was saying how she was worried that my husband was gonna cause him to lose his job, etc.... Well... Mickey's mom was having surgery and he wasn't home so we didn't want to bother him. We was told by my daughter than when they passed down the road, they seen my sister and dad coming from where it looked like Mickeys house. Yea.... I figured they were gonna try to beat us to him to make sure he knew Chris was trying to blame him. The next afternoon, while I was going past Mickey's home, I noticed he was in the yard. I telephoned my husband who did ride up and talk to him and everything was just fine and that he knew he had done nothing wrong so he wasn't worried about it. He told Chris, “We can talk, you know we're good”. With that said.... that was just another day of confusion. This is everyday for us..... don't you know hasatan (the devils name in Hebrew)loves us? LOL

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