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Saturday, March 20, 2010

It was time to go

Tonight, I had been laying in the bed watching TV and looking at a quilt magazine and Chris had fallen asleep there on the bed as well. We all know in my moms house that where the room is where we are sleeping, has some thin walls. Outside the bedroom door, mom was sitting in her chair watching TV. I could hear her talking to my sister about the laundry. She kept going over and over to my sister that she was gonna leave her responsible for the couch and chair, that it got covered up with the sheets as she didn't want my dogs on it. She went on and on about this until I got upset. I felt like she knew I could hear every word she said. So I go t so upset I woke Chris up. I told him if he didn't get up and get the dogs or say something, I was gonna leave. Well, he gets up pretty upset cause I had woke him up. He goes into the room and proceeds to tell my mom that she didn't have to worry about the dogs cause he was just gonna put a stop to it all tomorrow, that we would just move out. She told him not to get smart with her and she didn't care if we Did move out! But she got out the chair and went into the room and told my dad that he had been disrespectful to her and he came out mad and saying stuff to Chris.

I was so upset I had no idea my son was even in the shower. I was shouting for him to come on, get your shoes on, put your clothes on! It was cold out and it was about midnight. My mom kept saying, "I can't believe you are leaving, that you are this mad". I told her I just couldn't take anymore and if I stayed any longer, I would be on anti depressants. So that night, we packed up the birds, dogs and kids and went to a hotel, not knowing what we would do the next morning. We got a hotel that night. I think it was 70.00 for the night. Money we really didn't have.
It was a long night!

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