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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Arson and nothing we can do about it!

We called in another electrician today for a quote on how much it would cost to get our wiring in the house re-done since the Fire Dept said it was a wiring problem. The electrician told us it would take him about 30 minutes at the most to get it fixed. He took my husband under the house and not only told him but showed him two places under there (which was near Austins room) that someone tried to burn our house down. We had suspected this but wasn't sure because of the fire dept.

The electrician got on the phone and even called and talked to Gene W which was on County Council and told him that our house was set fire to by someone. He told the electrician that he was taking the word of the Fire Dept and couldn't do anything about it.

We called the guy at the Fire Dept here who filled out the report and he told us he was not going to change his story cause he thought the cause of fire was wiring and it had already been 4 mos since the fire. Well, long story short...... we lost that battle too! No-one did nothing. They turned a blind eye and let this go.

Since I have a sister who has burned 2 of her houses and she was around my brothers g/friend that night, we aren't sure if it wasn't her or the g/friend and herself! 

We did all we could do to get them to investigate but they wouldn't do anything for us. The night of the fire, my brothers g/friend stated to the Fireman (who took the statement) that she had heard the family was coming home so she went into our house and turned on the dryer and the heater for us.  Now she was left with a key to our home, we told her to turn the heater on if it got cold, so the animals would not get cold. We also told her there were some clothes in the dryer that needed dried cause they were damp. She said she would dry them as she was gonna be over at our house so she could get away from my brother.

Now she is the one who called us while we were 3 hours away in Myrtle Beach and told us our house was on fire. So why would she tell the fireman she turned the heater and dryer on cause she heard we were coming home? Why would of we been coming home if we just got there?

And although they said it sounded funny, they still were not going to investigate!

Can you say MAD????

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