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Monday, December 21, 2009

A New Mailbox But No Place To Live?

This is a picture of our current mailbox.
There is a row of a few boxes here and they are all put here together so the mailman doesn't have to go down our 
private road to get to our boxes. I've been asking my husband forever to fix our mailbox. We own a sign shop and we do custom designed mailboxes as well as other bigger items of interest.

Can you see how it's about to fall over here in the picture? What a shame. I use to ask my husband, "how long before the mailbox is so low the mailman won't be able to reach it to open the door? Sorry but this is just too funny to me.

Hey look at it, it even has a slot of a newspaper, which we don't get, lol. He also added an address arm which will display a little sign with the numbers 710 on it.


Here is a pic of Chris Kiltzing a new mailbox post.


Another pic of Chris kiltzing the post and then a pic of the mailbox on the post. The mailbox was designed by us and cut in vinyl before putting on the box. We have done many of these pretty custom mailboxes if anyone is interested. .

I just wanted to show this off, but also wanted to ask you, "Why would a man wait till his house burns before fixing the mailbox post"? We won't be returning to live in our house for a while, but we aren't but about 1/2 mile down the road from it and still get mail there :) So with that said, "My husband got really bored and wanted to find something to keep him busy". And he did!! I think he did a wonderful job on it. :)

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