Sonja, Austin, Taylor and Chris Noskowiak and Cayce Crews

Sunday, December 13, 2009

2nd Day of Hanukkah

We lit our second candle and said our prayers. We read the Torah with the children and for the first time, my mom joined in with the reading. Wow.... she will never know what that meant to me since we seem so different to my family now. She found out that I am reading from the same bible she is, just more Hebrew words in mine. It was a JOY to have her join us in the bible study.

Taylor made us some chocolate chip cookies afterwards and everyone sat and watched TV. Well.. almost all of us. I have been in so much pain in my back when I ate the chocolate it sent me into la la land. So, I slept a good bit. I also think it was cause my back wasn't hurting. I never slept until after 3:30 this am.

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