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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fire Update

Well, not much has gotten done. We went in this week and cleaned some electronic equipment such as the TV's, VCR's and DVD's, and computer equipment. After cleaning we put bags over them and put them in the truck. I went through my sewing room and got most of the rest of the material I had in there. So sad seeing my sewing room this way... I miss it so much. I just wish I could sew. I could if we could get the stuff at moms here washed and put up in plastic bins to go on the truck but it's a slow moving process when you have kids and have other things to do too.

On Monday, the electrician we called out came and looked at the wiring. He agreed with the other 2 fire inspectors that there is no way to explain HOW this fire happened exactly but that it started under my house and between the two sides where it was put together. So everyone seems to be scratching their heads. :( Maybe we will never know at this point.

At this moment, we still don't know the WHY's of the fire..... like why did this strange thing happen when we left our house? What purpose is this playing in our life? I believe there must be a purpose so I am just praying I don't miss that purpose.

We checked on the house that we were told might be available and found out it was not livable. So... until we can decide what we can do, we will live here at moms. I guess that's gonna be until she gets tired of us being here, It is very hard for two families to live together.

Thank G-d for my family.... I would be in the cold if it weren't for them. DSS would NOT do anything to help. The only shelter they wanted to provide was a Shelter where they would split up myself, the children, and my husband into two different shelters. We couldn't do that even if we had to stay in the cold. United Way supposedly sent letters to all the churches for help.... haven't heard from any by way of United Way. One really sweet friend of mine Penny helped us so much at the beginning with clothes and that G-d sent trailer!!!! Thanks again Penny!!!! We love you! So glad you belong to a church that outreaches to others. Maybe some of the churches didn't get notification but if not, G-d has provided through other means and we are thankful our needs are being met. I posted this part so that others would know that if they have a fire or anything dreadful happens, United Way isn't much help!

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