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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My HGTV Friends

I have so many nice friends. The one place I love the most to hang out at is the
HGTV Message Boards . I love my quilting family there. Since this fire my friend Joyce has been keeping everyone updated for me. Also, I made a quilt top for the Crayola Challenge this year hosted by Quiltaholic. This quilt along with close to 30 quilts will be raffled off and the proceeds will go to the Ronald McDonald House. I had sent this quilt to Joyce (NTQuilter) to be quilted for me. She not only agreed to do the quilting for me, but she bought the backing and the binding for me, quilted and bound the quilt. I could not have asked for a better friend. She knew how much I wanted to do a quilt for this charity project. Thank you Joyce!!!!

I've had several of these ladies send me money by the way of PayPal. What a blessing as it has allowed me to feed my family. I got a few cards, phone calls, and many Face book messages and every one of them mean sooooo very much to me!! I sure hope the ladies know how much I love them and appreciate what they have done.

You will probably hear me speak of these ladies often, as I miss them and miss being on the boards. I don't have as much time now to get on the boards as I constantly have something to be doing here, if it's not cleaning our stuff, it's fixing for kids :)

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