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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Homeschool Family

I have a wonderful friend named Katrina. She is a wonderful home school mother of 4 and a wonderful wife. I don't know that I've ever had a better close friend than her. She lives about 30 miles away but she has kept up with me and my family and has brought us groceries, gave us a Wal-mart gift card and sure has kept us in eggs too! She is such a sweet person and always looking for a way to help others. I love her and hope she knows how much!!!!!

I have another great friend who is a home school mother to one child. She moved from SC back to her home in Connecticut. She has been organizing a book sale from her home in CT. through the homeschool groups here in SC. She will be coming back to SC in Jan. for the sale. After the emails hit the homeschool loop, I had several write to tell me they wanted to send us food. One email came in from a lady named Kathi. She wanted to give us a turkey. How awesome!!! We said, Sure.... We'd LOVE to have it!!! Arranged to meet Kathi in Charleston to pick up today as we were going to be in the area, so she arranged to meet us at the bowling alley. Before I left home, I checked the email and there was yet another lady named Jennifer. I had no idea who she was, but she was from the same town as my friend Katrina, about 20 minutes away. She wanted to get groceries to us ASAP. I didn't have time to write her back before I left.
(Kathi-whom I had never met before did meet us in Charleston today) she gave us a Turkey and a bag of other foods. Things like cereal, peanut butter, toothpaste, mouth wash, cookies, pudding, jello, macaroni, shampoo, dog biscuits (I just told my husband this morning we needed those cause the vet said not to give the dog any chicken bones. We found that G-dly amazing that we mentioned that this morning and there they were this afternoon)and so much more. I hugged her must have been 2 times at least telling her how thankful we were for this food. She was such a really sweet lady. I pray G-d truly blesses her for her thoughtfulness, as we can sure use the food!!!! Thanks Kathi!!!Hugsss

Jennifer called us while we were out getting something to eat. I left the dinner table to go talk to her as it was loud in the place we were. She was so nice and we had so much in common I could hardly believe it. Her family is from Wisconsin as my husbands family is as well. We were both from Pentecostal churches as well... at one time. As we were talking about her bringing us food and gifts, I said to her. "So, I have been praying for something, so let me ask you something before you hang up with me". I said, "Do you quilt"? She laughed sorta hard on the other end and I said, "Well, what"? She said, it was funny I asked that.... she has a friend who quilts, she said she had been wanting to find a way to incorporate something like this in their giving. She continued to tell me that there is a group of ladies who get together to can foods and dehydrate them and they are big into "The End Times"and storing up food. I could hardly believe my ears. I told her about us wanting to learn to can our foods, but I didn't tell her I was just reading a prophetic letter last night to my dad, husband and mom about this very same thing, storing up food. I've known for 3 years already that we were supposed to do it but I've failed miserably to do it :( With that said, I'm sure she will read this and say, "Wow, that's another thing we have in common". I can't wait to meet her!!!! I am hoping we can do some quilting together when I get everything straight. Her boys are around my boys age and loves leggos... and she has a 14 year old too who loves to bead.... which my daughter LOVES!!!! She also has a Messianic friend who she is going to introduce me to, hopefully. That will be nice to meet another Messianic person in my area. So.... I truly think she is a G-d send!!!!! I am supposed to meet her tomorrow and I am very excited about this!!! What a sweet girl! Thanks Jennifer, looking to see you tomorrow!

I had another Homeschool Mom (Tasha) who sent me a gift card and we used that for food too. Thanks Tasha, so much!!!! hugsss

Tonight...... a minister(Bro. Harbin) from my old church(CofG) came by while we were not home. He left us 25.00 in a card with my mother. I am sure of his own money. He said there were like 50 other people who were needy at the church. We love this minister.... he is very precious to us!!!!

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