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Friday, May 14, 2010

Found 2 Green Emerald looking rings today

My things are packed up on a truck now, except for a few pieces of fabric I have in a bag and my machine I have here in the camper. So for now, unless I need to send a block to someone in need, I don't sew. I really miss it so much. Instead of getting depressed over it, I deciced I would just go to the next hobby so I can keep busy!!!!  So metal detecting it is!!! So along the way I have been praying so hard about where my family is to move to. I haven't told many this cause I haven't had time to do so. 3 nights ago I dreamed I was walking along in the sand and found about 3 or 4 rings. So the next day I was thinking about this dream and I decided to go. I packed the kids up and we went metal detecting on Hilton Head Island (1.5 hrs away) on Wednesday and about sundown I found my first ring for the day. I had been praying, "L-rd, every time I find a ring, it belongs to someone else and I have to return it". Well, I looked in my sand scoop and what do I find? "A 14kt gold ring with 5 emerald cut stones in it. Oh it's so pretty I thought!!! I put that baby in my pocket and called the kids over to look at it. At first I had thought it had diamonds in it. Then.... not even 5 minutes later, another ring! This one had a green stone as well. It was a girls middle school class ring with an emerald stone. Oh my I thought.. Green again??? It's NOT my favorite color although it's pretty I guess. I found initials in that ring so I will be returning this one as well. That will be fun!! Then another ring I found was probably not real..... it was silver looking and was very worn looking but had black stones in it.  I had an awesome day girl!

So yesterday..... after seeing a lawyer, my husband and I stopped at the beach where I found the Gold Citadel Military ring, (which by the way, I found out last night from my cousin who knows them, that they are wealthy people. They own alot of strip clubs here, imagine that, LOL. Not looking for a reward though, just wanna give it back) and as we walked and swung the detectors,  I said, "Any luck"? He said, "NO". I said, "keep swinging and have a little more faith.... this will make it grow".  About 15 minutes later, I heard him calling my name. I went back to see what he found and lo and behold.... a beautiful silver .925 necklace and pendant. Can you guess what color the large stone was? Yep, "Green"!!! Now, here I am asking, "L-rd, what does Green mean"? 

On the way home I was telling my MDing buddy on the phone about this and she says, "Sonj... I was thinking about all the green you have been finding and I think G-d is trying to tell you and your family something". I said, "Yes, the color green means, GO". lol   She says "Well, I researched Greenville, SC (this is where we talked about moving to and told her we were going to go and setup our business)and I found out they have emerald and diamond mines there".  Her phone started dying so we hung up and she was gonna call me back when she got home. As we were riding along... I about scared Chris to death!!!! I shouted, OH MY GOSH..... GREENVILLE!!!!! That is what she was tying to say.... G-d is saying go to GREENVILLE, SC, LOL. I said, the color GREEN is in Grenville!! This was so funny cause when SHE was telling me this, the color green to me was still about GO.... I didn't think about the color Green in the City Greenville!

So now we are convinced we are to go to the city of Greenville. I know it sounds crazy but I believe in praying about where and what I am to do. This takes longer sometimes but... G-d is never late :)  So we will see how this journey begins. We are looking for a house while we are waiting on the insurance check to come in to fix this one. We aren't getting much to fix the house so we are going with bare minimums and we will Rent this one out. In the meantime, after such a huge mess with my family, we are still not talking to anyone. Still toting water to the toilet to flush. We are making it though...... that's the important thing, right? Anyway, I am learning how to live and NOT be depressed cause this situation is ONLY temporary!!!

On another note..... Today we put 2 new tires on my car. This is the third time we have bought tires in 2 years. The car is practically NEW and has a tow in problem. We are gonna have to fight with FORD next it looks like :( Gosh, it would be nice to catch a break!

Update on Sleep- I've been sleeping better lately :)

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