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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lawyers Appt.

Had a lawyers appt. today. He wasn't much help! He is gong to write a letter and send it to my dad and brother. We may have to sue for a quiet title but this lawyer was all about money! I am not sure we chose the right one at all. At this point, I am not sure about anything with a lawyer. We've surely learned you can't trust the law much no matter what branch of law we are dealing with. With everythng that has happened and nothing has been done about it, I am convinced we live in a lawless nation. A nation where you can get by with attempted murder, arson, stealing, lying. We've been subjected to this over the years and it's hard to bite, hard to chew and swallow, but there's NOTHING we can do about it. One day, justice shall be served, the bible says. I guess it's not up to us to see that these people pay for what they have done.... it's only taking our money and our energy. The best thing to do is move on!

I had already written about the rest of our day before I wrote about todays event, so I won't repeat it here. Read tomorrows update! lol

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