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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Update on our House and US

I haven't mentioned where we are with the house in past post, so I am going to tell you here. As of today, the insurance company is trying to give us as little as possible. We do finally have a contractor. He actually is a good Christian man. He is gonna work with us to see that the house gets fixed and that somehow we will get enough money to move away. We will rent the house out to someone and most likely move somewhere near Greenville, SC. My son lives about 30 minutes away from there. Since it's a big city I can again open another sign shop. I'd love to do a dual shop...... side by side Sign Shop/Fabric Shop. That would be awesome!!! We'll have to see what happens. I truly wanted to leave SC but because Taylor has only 1 year left to be homeschooled and wants to apply for the Lottery Scholarship, she has to be in SC to get it. I am going to look into this further to make sure this is how it works. She will go to Cosmetology School and then go back to college to be a Child Psychologist. She wants to take a few years off of studying so hard before going to college, so Cosmetology will be good for her to start.

We have a lawyers appt. in Charleston next week. The initial cost to see him is 150.00. I thought consultations was free???? Well hopefully he will be better than the one we had, who kept saying what he was going to do for 3 mos and did NOTHING!!! May G-d deal with him appropriately. We continue to tote water from a nearby pond in order to flush our toilet. This truly is getting old and I wonder how much longer I can stand it! We are renting my friends, boyfriends new camper. We finally have air conditioner! It's gotten so hot here, I told Chris the other day, “Once the pond starts to dry up like it always does, we aren't gonna have any water to use for the toilet”. He said, “Don't worry, it will rain and keep it filled up”. I sure hope he is right, OR we can get out of here soon!!

Construction will start soon on the house, so we have to finish getting things out the house. Do you know what a chore it is to find energy to move everything when you don't know what in the world you are working for? Since we have no guarantees of no kids, we don't know what is going to happen. It will definitely zap your energy.

On a funny note..... Guess who I wrote and told my lifes story to today? Give up? Glenn Beck!!! hahahahahaha. Well... Chris and I love him. We listen to him on the car satellite..... (as we don't have TV, can't even get the weather here since we don't have any means of it) It will be interesting to see if he writes me back. He does read all his emails they say..... but.. he can't answer them all! I understand that of course. I did ask him to pray for us :) Ok, that's the funny for today :)

Oh yea.... I heard a few days ago that my mom had surgery. Can you believe no-one called to tell me? Yea... I can believe it. Oh well.....

I am happy to report...... as of a week ago today, I haven't had any problems sleeping!! Thank you G-d so much for helping me to sleep..... I know it's only YOU who could have done this, as I haven't slept like this in about 7 mos now. How awesome you are L-rd!!! You father alone are the maker of Peace.... and you alone are the only one who can give us that real peace that's only found in YOU!!!

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