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Monday, August 2, 2010

Here is a Summary of what's went on since then

So much kept happening, I got wore out from writing, although I knew I wanted to keep a record of the things that happened.

We lived in the house for about 3 mos before we finally found someone to fix the house. The insurance company depreciated everything they could and didn't give us much to fix the house. As you could have imagined, we were getting very hot here in the summer living in the house, so we rented a nice one bedroom camper from a friend of mines boyfriend for 300.00 a month. We lived there for 3 mos.

We continued to fetch water from a pond so we could flush the toilet. One day, Taylor looked at me and said, "Moma, one day everyone will have to go through this and when it happens again, at least it won't be a strange thing that has happened to us, as we have had to do it before. I thought, wow.... this was so true!

Taylor and her boyfriend broke up sometime before we got the camper. Things seemed to get quieter around here. My brothers g/friend ran off with a preachers kid, and she married him. What an answer to prayer that seemed like.

The day the contractors came to work on our house is the day my brother finally turned the water back on. He kept telling my nephew that he turned it back on but he had not. Then we heard he had told my nephew to turn the valve on. Turns out that my nephew wasn't doing it right. So that's how we got water that day.

During this time, we went to a few lawyers. We found out my brother could not legally turn off the water. Because it had been years that his well had supplied our home and we had put money into that well, then he can not legally turn it off. As far as the land was concerned, there was nothing we could do about that cause my dad signed the papers, thinking he was signing one thing and it was another, thanks to my brother.

Since at this point, I am back dating, I will probably have to come back periodically and edit this post with new information that somehow I forgot, since so much has went on.

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