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Saturday, February 6, 2010

No good news

Still no good news

I guess I'm not doing good with updates but there hasn't been anything significant to report. We did see the lawyer about a week ago and he looked over the insurance policy the mortgage company purchased. We were told to go ahead and get 3 estimates to fix the house, then call the insurance company with those. If the insurance company then doesn't decide to send us enough money to fix the house, then we are to tell them we want to proceed to the next step which is..... "there is a clause which states we can not sue them until everything in the policy has been dealt with". The next step would be for us to hire an appraiser and they would hire one too. Ours would be to represent us, and their appraiser would represent them. They would both come to an agreement about the money to fix the house. He told us he had no doubt we would be right back in his office filing law suit papers cause he knows how these kinds of insurance companies work.

He is also looking into the original loan papers. They state that I have a well and 2 septic tanks on the property. We actually were on my brothers well next door and we have One septic tank not two since we found out we don't own the original land my single wide used to sit on. So that makes the loan note null and void really. It also states that the property is not in a flood zone. The lawyer is looking into this too as we were charged for it and forced into foreclosure over this years ago.

Just one big mess!!!

I truly just wanna go home!!! I keep wondering, "G-d, just how much longer will it be before we can have a home again"? I try to hide my tears... I don't wanna tell my friends, as I don't want sympathy.. and I don't cry to my family cause I don't wanna make them feel bad cause I feel so bad.... I feel so alone sometimes..... like G-d has left me here. Where is his voice? I used to hear him so well..... but he's not saying anything and nothing is happening now. I still have faith and hopes.... but my dreams are slowly dieing. I can only see bad right now... cause we've been handed it so frequently in the past few years :(

If for some reason someone is reading this and they will pray... "Please pray for us to be able to get the house fixed soon so we can go home". I was gonna put in for the "Extreme Home Makeover"..... but I got to thinking about the question. "What do you do for your community"? Most stories are based on this question. We make "In Memory" decals for people who have lost a family member. We do these for the mom and dad normally cause if you do it for each family member it starts to really cost as word gets around. I wish we could do it for them all!!! We have also given banners to support different things in the community like fund raisers for other people who were in need who had friends that did a benefit for them. So it seems so small what we do..... like we haven't given enough! I could keep on naming other things.... but it's not like I am a nurse, or a public school teacher. I am a teacher to my own kids..... and someday I do wish I could teach other kids to sew. I love it when a child reaches out to learn to make something. I am in hopes my daughter through our Home Ec. class will have the desire to sew :)  Keeping my fingers crossed.

I guess I could tell them about my first real quilt...... that I donated it to the Ronald McDonald House.  I wish I had a long arm machine and a nice quilt studio. I'd be so content to get up each day to make quilts to give away to charities. What a life that would be.


  1. Winter does not help your mood any either; it is just so cold and dismal right now. But, spring will come...and so will a solution for you. Life is hard; and we stumble through it looking for light. Often we encounter some truly horrible people along the way; some even smile to our face while they connive, cheat, and disappoint...but they are exposed in the end. I also often wonder how our grandparents and great-grandparents dealt with troubles...surely more struggles than we have...yet they seemed to have an even stronger faith that what I've witnessed during my life. How did they carry on? I suppose because there was no other choice.

    I know it's hard to find that light at times...but it is still in the same look up; find the wonders of life all around you; try to do the best you can...and know that you won't succeed...but the trying is what's important.

    Hugs, your friend, Kathy.

  2. Sonja, I know God is listening and his answers will come. May not be when we want it but it will be when we need it. I know not having a home to go home to has got to be very difficult and the not knowing making it even harder. But one thing I've learned in life is that the sun shines after every storm and the bigger the mountain the better the view. I know God's light will shine on you soon. Sometimes doors have to close before another opens. It doesn't always make it any easier. I know these are things you already know but it doesn't hurt to hear words of hope. Just last week my SIL lost his job and they were sort of panic strucken. I didn't see it like that. I told them both not to worry it was gonna be okay and that God would give them what they need. By the end of they day, he not only had another job. He got one making twice what he was in the next county over where they had already planned to buy a new home this spring. He would have never looked for a new job if he hadn't lost the old one. The mountain you've had to climb is high and the storm long but the reward will be great. Like birthing a baby ooohhhh the pain but so worth it. Sending prayers for you and your family.

  3. I'm sorry things are getting done quicker for your family. All though it may not seem like it, I know your family is being watched over and there is a reason. In the Lord's time. Love you! {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

  4. ***HUGS**** girl.. thinking of you often and sending up prayers!! I love this saying and thought I'd share it with you.

    Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. But learning to dance in the rain

    Oh how true this is, for all of us. Just when times seem tough and the days seem long and you just want them to be over, another day comes along, then a year, and then decades. and before you know it, you look back and your life is half over!! I'm so guilty of this at times, and need to stop to enjoy the little things especially when times get tough.

    Head up high've got a lot of friends that are out here that will be an ear for you to talk to if you ever need it!!!


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